Fuelling Your Adventures is a partnership of MSc qualified Sports Nutritionists, endurance sport coaches and ISAK Level 2 anthropometrists. We specialise in supporting runners, cyclists, duathletes, triathletes, rowers, adventure racers and explorers of all abilities to participate in events, complete personal adventures and improve racing performance.

Effective, personalised nutrition is the decisive ingredient in sports performance. After all how can you perform optimally and maximise your ability, without the correct type and volume of fuel, relevant to your activity? As much as you love beautiful frames, alluring wheels (as do I) and perfectly fitted, gait analysed trainers, it is energy derived from fuel that will get you through muddy fields, shooting gaps in trees, over mountains and across that line, not mango coloured hubs! Carefully crafted training schedules can result in unfulfilled goals without appropriate nutrition to match their content; maximising adaptations and supporting in illness prevention are key factors in elevating performance.

Sports nutrition can be a confusing topic for participants of endurance sports. Delving into sports media can compound confusion with contradictory messages often within the same front and back cover. Which advice to follow and how to personally apply it? In a world of twitter, the view that holds current sway is often the one that shouts the loudest as opposed to the one based on the most robust evidence. Fuelling Your Adventures exists as your guide and mentor through the conflicting messaging, following a sensible evidenced path centred on your needs, as opposed to sensationalised ‘theory’.

Fuelling Your Adventures is committed to clean sport and follows the SENr Supplements in Sport Position Statement for everybody (regardless of ability or level of competition).

Our Plans

Personalised Dietary Analysis
Effectively fuel you for the work you are undertaking, maximise training adaptations and support in recovery and illness prevention.
Race Day Fuelling Guide
Maximise the influence that personalised pre-race day and race day nutritional strategies can have on performance and recovery.
Dietary Analysis and Running Training Plan
A tailored structured running training plan built around your goals.
Follow up Consultations
Further information, progress discussions and adaption of original guidance to fit into new goals/targets.
Presentations and Workshops
Tailored workshops, question and answer sessions or wider development programmes for your club.
Menu Plans for Training Camps
Individual days,multi-day tour food plans and personal on-site cooking based on your and your athletes needs.
Website and Magazine Content
We can provide unique, professional and personalised website or magazine content on request.



Andrew Nippard

Andrew Nippard


London, Surrey and the world remotely.

    Tania Griffin

    Tania Griffin

    MSc, PhD

    Birmingham, West Midlands and the world remotely

      Claire Edwards

      Claire Edwards

      BSC (HONS), MSC.

      Kent, London and the world remotely

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